Friday, 20 May 2011

choices, choices.

i'm pretty sure most of people is in dilemma now, which course to pick to further study in. at least, i do. we've all have gone through this phases many times, back in primary school, secondary school, and now we have to undergo this again. good for those who had already made up their mind what to be, because being confused is frustrating.

to go a path that what people wishes you to be, or to go a path that yourself want to? the path that is usually trodden is the one that what people wants you to be, because it is common, well known and most likely will produce a good result if you enter that course. but the downside of the choice is, whether we could handle the course, or not. still, if you have the will and the drive to do it, insyaAllah you can manage.

hence, this leads to a need to research. research what your wanted course consists of ; the subjects, which university provides the course (for distance and such), the competition for the course (whether high or low), the chances to get job later, the money needed through out your studying(some course have high cost ; whether the fees - doctors, dentistry, medicine related or the equipments  - arts, photography, architecture, designs and etc. ) don't think the chances to get your job now, think of the chances to get your job later, as in the time you'll be graduating. for example, animation career just started to grow in malaysia, hence there'll be quite a chance to score a job later, since it is just established. i think. your personality also counts ; whether you like to mingle with people or able to withstand paperworks.

being a teacher is good too, whether a secondary school teacher or a lecturer. if you're really good with social skills and teaching people, why not ? there'll be few subjects to major in, languages, science, architecture, arts, agama, maths, accounts, sports and others.

programming, computer science is not bad too :) ; if you're interested in computers. they never grow old, as far i could tell.

or, if you're good with business, take the business course, and start selling. heck, tak payah ambil course pun boleh successful in business if you're really good at it :)

anything pun, rezeki di tangan Allah. pray, ask for His guidance and tawakal :)

toodles out-*

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