Saturday, 16 November 2013

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

very the choi.

turns out that somehow my name is in the list of badminton competitors in university annual sports event.

i've been playing for 2 consecutive years, i reaaaaaaaaaaaally thought i wont enter it again this year

i do like badminton, really much so, but i think all 3rd years should retire and give space to juniors to make each team proud! *alasan*

been ages since i've played it seriously ahahaha =="

maybe pengajarannya disini kau kena start main balik badminton frequently kot........ kot.


your mouth really the masin ah 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


おたんじょびおめでとう !!!!

Semoga iman bertambah dengan umur, semoga diberkati Allah selalu *~*

Funny how we used to meet each other few times a week back then, but now our means of communication is only through facebook and skype.

Aaaaaaaaaah how time flies. Sedar tak sedar dah 5 tahun dah huehue.

あ い た い Q_Q!!!
私の相棒、私の柱、私の天使、私のとても可愛い相棒  (*≧▽≦)  (*≧▽≦)  (*≧▽≦)

Thank you for existing (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


「The Pact]は忘れないで。。
一緒にがんばりましょう おk?
相棒ベアームラブ *_________________* 

Monday, 7 October 2013

moment of weakness part III

I asked myself this question 2 years ago.

I found an additional answer.

Please continue taking care of me, like you always do. With your subtle questions. With your reassuring smile. With your words of wisdom. With your constant reminder. With your effort to try, despite how busy you are.

No matter how hard I fail.

I'm sure, you're one person who'll leave a prominent footprints in my life.

How blessed am I to found a person like you.

One day, we'll both separate, walk our own path and perhaps will never meet each other again.

That day will definitely come.

But I hope we'll get reunited again, insyaAllah. Happily. Laughing with each other. Able to reminiscence back of our memories fondly.

Meanwhile, please do keep take care of me. Please continue on guiding me. Reminding me. While we last.

36:56. Even the thought of it are able to make me smile gleefully. Making my heart feel like bursting with joy and warmth.

ya Allah, thank you for sending her to my life. :')

because this world doesn't last forever

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

of gentle breeze, low immunity and cherry trees.

today was a beautiful day.

went to the lake, able to again, appreciate the nature. something i took for granted for ages. able to appreciate the intricate branches of cherry trees. able to feel the gentle breeze caressing my face. able to see the lake. able to see the hues of sky turning red as dusk approaches. able to hear different opinion, different thoughts, for the same goal, Allah.

hadis 38. surah Yunus. surah al-Kauthar. surah Yasin.

banyak sangat reminder in one single day.

"Allah dah bagi kita banyak nikmat, what can we sacrifice for the sake of Allah?"

"Ujian tu datang sebab Allah care pasal kita. supaya kita patah balik kat Dia."


"Mohon diberi kekuatan untuk tsabat, istiqamah"

"I wish means I'm ok with not having it. Change it to I want."

i feel really really blessed. to be surrounded by such caring people who never fails to remind me of Allah. again, again and again. :')

"Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?" - surah Al-Rahman(55:16)

the first step is the hardest. but you will never achieve anything if you never get out from your comfort zone. change.

Friday, 20 September 2013


i will practice hard

to avoid getting smashed. hopefully.

and because playing badminton is blissful, how could i forget that. haha.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


no point hating, no point demeaning each other, no point self-justification,

the damage has been done.

it takes two to tango anyway.

words said cant be taken back.
bukan rezeki :)

may Allah ease.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

instrumental galore

FFX - To Zanarkand. Zafirah likes this song too :B

Distant World Orchestra /o/

Finally after 5 months pending, I've decided to write about my experience attending the Distant World Orchestra.

The concert was held 3 days in Malaysia, on 16th, 17th and 18th of November but I've only attended the first one, on 16th.

The whole perfomance was beautiful. Astounding. Mesmerizing. Even remembering it makes my heart races. Alhamdulillah I was able to attend it without a hitch :)

Splurged on one t-shirt and 2 CDs. I was hoping to buy the DVDs too but I was short of money ;w; (t-shirt actually costs more than one CD what)

To be honest, I cannot decide which is my favourite pieces among of all, because all of them were played beautifully.

Though I have to admit, whenever a song from FF8 is played (which is my favourite out of others) I cannot help but to grin like an idiot hehe.

The hauntingly beautiful "Liberi Fatali" was played as the introduction

FF8's Liberi Fatali (Original MIDI ver.)

whilst "The Man with Machine Gun" and "Don't Be Afraid" was played in the middle of the concert.
FF8's The Man with Machine Gun (DWO ver.)

FF8's Don't Be Afraid (Distant World Orchestra ver.)

I was hoping for "Premonition" or "Fisherman's Horizon", but it doesn't get played. Ah well one could hope /o/

FF8's Premonition. One of my favourite song. The intensity of the song is just ;sdlfks

"Dear Friends" from FF5 was beautiful too, the melody kinda tells the story of the song. I fell in love the first time I heard it at the concert, so that's saying something. ( I never played FF1~FF6 so originally idk their tracks aside from Dissidia FF)

Dear Friends Piano ver. (orchestrated ver. was much better but there's none on YT ;w;)

"The Clash on the Big Bridge" of FF5 was awesome and energetic as expected. Epic.

The Clash on the Big Bridge (Orchestra ver. by DWO :) )

FF4's "Theme of Love" was enchantingly beautiful. I almost teared up, but I didn't because at the same time I was mesmerized by the images on the screen. Now I'm listening to it again and it gives me goosebumps. It's that good.

Theme of Love (Orchestra ver. at Tour De Japon)

for FF7, "Opening : Bombing Mission" gives you this kind of adrenaline rush. Really good. Though I was hoping for "On the Verge of Assault" of Crisis Core to be played but it didn't.. (It gives better adrenaline rush, period) To think about it, I dont remember seeing any songs aside from FF1~FF13 played throughout all of the DWO perfomances. It would be good if they pick something other of that like Chrono Cross and Crisis Core because they too have mindblowing soundtracks. Like "Price of Freedom" and "Time's Scar".
Both of them are really good songs, I tell you.

FF7's Opening : Bombing Mission (Orchestra ver, not live though)

On the Verge of Assault, FF7 Crisis Core. a MUST listen. All the adrenaline rush!

Chrono Cross - Scar of Time by VGO (orchestra ver, not live)

Near the end of the concert, they played "One-Winged Angel" of FF7 as the encore. Which made ALL of the audiences happy because everyone was clapping, because its like the compulsory piece in every concert /laughs ;; Initially I was pretty disappointed too because I thought it was not going to be played hahaha.

The infamous FF7's One-Winged Angel

Actually I had brought 3 packets of tissue as preparation in case I bawl while listening to the music. I was pleasantly surprised that I only used ONE ply of the tissue /laughs
I didn’t feel like crying until “Suteki Da Ne” was played (sang by Stephanie Van Driesen) with the emotional video of FFX played, my willpower gave up and the tears duct won. And I’m not alone in crying because I heard few sniffs from whole lot directions while “Suteki Da Ne” was sang and played :P

FF10's Suteki Da Ne (Isn't it Beautiful? Japanese version)
Maria and Draco from FF6 was great too, I never thought I will appreciate opera-like song in my whole life, but at that night I did. The three singers voice were just that powerful. I've compared few versions of Maria and Draco from other DWO concerts, but theirs are the best to me.
AND OH FF9’s “You’re not Alone” was nothing but BRILLIANT! All my feeeeels. FF9 have lots of MV clip, and all of them are used well in the clip, matching the perfomance.

FF9 You're Not Alone performed at Tour de Japon (orchestra ver.)

All in all it was GREAT! Very happy that I was able to attend the concert after 10 years of waiting. Worth the money, time and the stress to overcome all challenges in order to plan and attend the concert. I'm very thankful and grateful ya Allah, really I've never dreamed to get this kind of opportunity, but somehow I did, Alhamdulillah :')
All FF fans or instrumental song lovers should attend it if they’re able to, there’ll be no regrets I tell you :)