Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Distant World Orchestra

i LOVE listening to orchestras and piano perfomances, though i've never been to an official one, sadly. I wish someday I could listen to em, maybe a "Distant World Orchestra" perfomance? or maybe orchestra thrown by VGO orchestral team, though I highly doubt that they will come to Malaysia.. -.-

lines above are copy pasted from "piano and violin" post

guess whaaaaaaat

turns out that Distant World Orchestra DO COME to Malaysia! They'll come on 16th November. Ya Allah thank you thank you thank you :')

I'm irrevocably happy to be honest.

But I'm slightly scared that things will turn downhill, because I'm being way too expectant. 

Doakan everything goes well for me and tak ada aral melintang? ;__:

I do have been waiting for this since I was 10 years old.. It's like a dream I never thought possible to come true.

harap semua dipermudahkan ;__;

drabble part II

Being a Quistis doesn't mean that she won't face difficulties and having problems. Just because she's matured, experienced, and knowledgeable doesn't mean she's a superwoman.
Initially, all the hardships and problems are the one who had refined and polished her to become mature in the first place.
She had them earlier than other people, she had it harder.
But her faith, willpower and ability to think with logic instead of emotions prevails. To a certain extent.

A Squall can only give her support. Praying, muttering comforting words, showing caring gesture. But then that's all one could do. Because being a Squall make your lips locked, shut tight.
Fighting self, self-doubting ; contemplating what to say and what not. Because he knows his place. He knows that he's not as knowledgeable as her. He knows that he never felt what she felt. He knows that he never can understand what she experiences fully, because he's not in her place. He's not her.

Still.. He still wishes, prays the best for her. Leonhart, probably not as brave as his last name, but at the very least,

he cares.


It's been ages since I've updated this blog. Few reasons accounted to that, but one of them are the typical reason you and I always heard : lazy. and maybe abit hectic here and there. Will be spamming few random posts, please excuse that eheh.

Alot of things had happened during this uh, 6 months hiatus from blog. Too many, I cant even remember them all already. I've learnt quite a number of lessons throughout these months, either first-hand or observed one. Damages and damaged were done here and there, but I think all the faults and mistakes we made will make us a better person, insyaAllah. Everything exists for a reason. I'm still learning, still learning to be a better person. Friends, please don't get tired of me and give up on me. Let's remind and repair each other to search for Him, un? Jangan masuk syurga sorang sorang ;__;


"It's okay to fall, everyone have their ups and downs, and insyaAllah the fall will bring us to rise again. But if it takes you a long period of time to rise, self reflect and ponder what have you done, what inhibits you from rising again." - Kak Diba