Monday, 30 January 2012

moment of weakness part II

i've asked myself this question back before,

but actually i already had my answer long time ago.

you might not be here with me physically,

but i know you're here with me,




Friday, 27 January 2012


sangat menarik alhamdulillah.

room mate matrix saya yang baik lagi suci contact saya alhamdulillah. rindu mimi bangatt <3

lepas tu tengahari ada lunch kat rumah professor KJ. semua lauk sedap-sedap. syabas semua gadis dah boleh kahwin dah ni ;)

terima kasih prof KJ :D :D :D ; selamat fly--

sempena pemulihan sakit tekak, saya dan beberapa orang manusia pergi makan eskem basikal robin. makan perisa coklat + butterscotch.

bak kata emak, "ha, makan la lagi aiskrim. tu memang ubat sakit tekak tu haa."

si jah kemain lagi, mulutnya manis bagaikan choc topping yang melimpah ruah.

kemudian kami melawat BIBA. baju dia.. masyaAllah, lawa lawa belaka==" harga dia pun memang sama
lawa la walaupun ada sale. tergoda iman. sib baik tak beli apape. hem hem.

last sekali pergi kakewalk. tak pernah pergi. sedih betul dah berapa bulan kat sini baru sampai kakewalk hahaha.

lepastu nampak 'baya' tu tabur corn bersalut mayonis(?) atas satu keping roti besa gedabak tak tipu. lepas tu dia tabur cheese kat atas tu then grill. serious tempting. apakan daya perut sudah kenyang TT_TT

takpe, ada masa lima tahun insyaAllah.

alhamdulillahhh all in all harini sangat menarik walaupun hari-hari sebelumnya lemau yang amat. thanks gadis-gadis berkenaan kerana menceriakan hari sayaaaaaa <3 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

JUS 101 - Teras Keusahawanan

memang tidak tidur laa semua orang menyiapkan JUS yang tidak enak ini.

selamat berusaha kepada mereka yang sedang menyiapkannya.

dan selamat malam kepada mereka yang sudah menyiapkannya.

moga segalanya dipermudahkan dan berjalan dengan lancar, amin.

Monday, 23 January 2012


but i'm not sure to whom it is directed.

is it on you, or is it on me?

maybe it's a mixture of both.

disappointed with myself for being like this, caring too much

disappointed with you because..?



Saturday, 14 January 2012


I believe, every encounter and separation is already destined.
I did not regret knowing everyone I've met in my life. Because thanks to them, they mould me the way I am.
Every single conversations and actions counts, whether it's good or a bad one. Whether it's only watching people interact or each other, or participating in the action itself, I try to reflect on myself, to put myself in other people's shoes. Eventhough at times, the self reflect came late, and the damage is already been done.

By saying it's already destined, I try not to regret what had happened. Doesn't mean that I won't do anything and leave it all to fate, but I'll.. do whatever I can.

For example, ( a weird one tho ) you accidentally broke your favourite mug. Or ornaments, or anything you treasure. You saw it happening, falling on the flat ground surface, but you aren't able to stop the fall. It broke and got smashed to tiny pieces. No matter how much you regret.. there's nothing you could do about it. We can never turn back time. Same goes for everything in our life. What's done is done.

I am thankful for being able to meet everyone. I believe nothing last forever, your age increases, your youth fades away, even memories that you tried to hold on tight will eventually vanish slowly, leaving remnants and pieces as you grow older because your brain are not able to retain the memories anymore. Why? Because we are only human. We have our limits, no matter how hard we tried, how much researched about lengthening our age. Just, no. There's nothing we can do about it, except hope for the best, for each of us.

So don't fret. It's okay. Because we're destined to end up this way.


Syukur, that we human are gifted with special senses, limbs and high motor system.
With that, we're able to play and enjoy our daily intricate activities, sports for example.
For instance, when you're playing badminton. You look at the shuttlecock. You estimate the distance. Your muscles tense to get ready for the upcoming move. You hit the ball with your racquet, estimating the extension of your arm, with a form of racquet ; without even looking towards your action of hitting the ball.
That, is one intricate and beautiful process. The action of seeing, estimating and gauging your movement, the strength of your movement, while moving towards the ball, all in one go, is a very detailed and complex process. Sending data to your brain, interpreting, and giving the orders to your corresponding limbs.

Lawa sangat sistem badan kita ni SubhanAllah ;__; <3

Tak mungkin semua ni boleh dibuat oleh manusia kan? :)
Allah yang buat semua ni. Hebat kan?
Jadi kita kena la bersyukur dengan apa yang ada~ dan menggunakan anggota badan kita sebaik mungkin :3
renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal-*

Monday, 9 January 2012

pleasureable pain

Good morning world!

played badminton this morning. 45 minutes. ONLY. sebab tempes nak main badminton jugak. takpelah. at least dapat merasa. sumpah rindu main badminton :)
sini unexpectedly dewan badminton dia kecik. as in sangat kecik. ada 2 court je, and the distance between the two courts are minimized and short. bleh ;^;
I think it's been uh.. six months since I've last played badminton. as expected my skill had deteriorated steeply hahaha. habis la macam ini T___T

I hope I can play badminton again someday, in Malaysia. though I think it would take a long time to do that.

rubbing salt to the wound


it's been a few months since i've ever played badminton. i really, really am missing the sensation of playing this sport so much, the sound of the shuttlecock as it got hit by the strings of the center the racquet, the squeaky sound that the shoes produce when it comes to contact with the floor, the swooshing sound that the shuttlecock made as it slice the air...
ye, dramatik sekejap. tak salah kan heehee :B

have no time to post my racquets back in home, so I bought myself one here. 

TA-DAH. Blue in colour racquet. Finally a blue racquet for me heh heh. <3

Hopefully things will turn out good and I can play at least decently, and wont be a burden to anyone else. :I

I'll try my best to do so ;__;



Random pointless info is pointless and random ; ARCTIC = ICE = 氷= 氷帝 (ひょてい)
BLUE = AO = 青= 青がく (せいがく)

Saturday, 7 January 2012




Din, kau still madar madar dane. goodluck exam!

Hafiz, mada mada dane in watching Prince of Tennis hahaha. jangan madar madar dane  sangat.

:DDDDDDd <3!


ありがとうございました ^^

僕は本当に 弱い な。



Tuesday, 3 January 2012

moi friends

please dont get sick of me repeating the "I miss you" lines to you whenever I choi-ed you in any forms of communication /fb/twitter/phone/whatsapp/yadayada

because I really do miss you guys tau. tau tau tau tau tau. :'( *kesat air mata*

poyonya hahahahah.

speaking of which, I still need to write my matrix journey :S bila la kau nak buat ni wahai Robiatul Adawiyah -.-

aaaaaand Happy Belated Birthday kak Adibah :) 3/1/2012 ; may Allah bless you akak! 

Ammonium Oxalate

lagi hebat dari Ombak Rindu (:

semua yang berlaku kan mesti ada hikmahnya.

Monday, 2 January 2012

hi there haemopoiesis

today we learnt about haemopoiesis. haemo = blood ; poiesis = process of formation and maturation.
related to the formation of blood and the mechanism to process it yada yada yada.
it was FUN because back in matrix I have learnt it too, with the antigen and the marker and the interleukine blablabla. I still remember how Kak Shiqin presented the mechanism of lymphocytes binding with the antigen when we are promoting our 'special sugar' merchandise for our English project. Haha.

But still, I wonder if this feeling of excitement and joy will last when the block ends, and the end block assessment comes looming right over my head? We'll see, we'll see.


Yesterday, I've watched the Dream Live 3rd of Tenimyu.
The person who played the main protagonist ; Kotaro Yanagi was involved in a car accident and was in a coma for 2 weeks. He weighed only 30kg at that time. Consequent of the accident is that he suffered extensive damage on his body and vocal cords.

Taken from his book :-

「 The doctor's diagnosis was a cerebral contusion on the left side of the cephalic hood, damage to the brain stem and cerebellum, paralysis due to a subarachnoid hemorrhage, decreased mental status, impairment of higher brain functions....

At this time, I still didn't know what had happened. 

From then on, little by little I was able to respond to things, and even though I was conscious, it wasn't until the New Year had began that I was capable of any form of communication. 

Ever since I'd woken up, I had trouble remembering things, and I couldn't really retain anything new either, so I don't have very many memories of that time. 

I'd find myself staring off into space easily, and I'd close my eyes and loll around. It was hard to keep my balance, and I became unable to regulate my strength or speed. And the smallest things pissed me off. My hands and feet were partially paralyzed, so I wasn't even able to stand up properly. My dominant right hand wouldn't move according to my wishes anymore. My words wouldn't come out right anymore either, I couldn't articulate well. I'd get tired so quickly.... 」

But still, he tries his best in recovering and does physio treatment and rehabilitation with all his might, because he wanted to finish off what he had involved in ; the musical.

and so, he did managed to recover from the accident, but there's a permanent damage to his vocal cord, so when he sings sometimes the tune is not right, he had a very hard time memorise some of the lines while practicing for the musical and he could only dance out the simple choreography. He now exhibits a permanent limp when he walks, and his speech was not as smooth as before.

However, despite of all the hardships,  he successfully managed to make a comeback on the stage, and tries his best performing even though his body wont cooperate like it used to. 

It must be painful to lose the ability that you used to have and cherish. I was trying hard not to let my lacrimal gland to secrete more lacrimal fluid as I watch him perform ;__;

Here's the video of him giving speech for his last perfomance of Tenimyu.

I could not find the right words to express my feelings and amazement T____T..

If it were me.. I doubt that I'll have such strength to fight off the disability. Maybe I'll spend the rest of my life mourning..? Or maybe it'll take me some time to get over the sadness == I don't know :/

This proves that our cerebrum, brainstem, cerebellum and other component plays a major and vital role in our life. Their functions are so intricate, detailed and related, it is impossible for a human to mimic and create such system. SubhanAllah.. We should appreciate and be grateful with our body, health and the precious ability and gift given to us, because we never know ; it might be taken away at the moment you least expected it.

柳 浩太郎 、がんばって ね!do your best~ ファイト!