Sunday, 12 February 2012

piano and violin

are the instruments that produce the best sound in the whole world, at least for me. and oh, electric guitar too.
i LOVE listening to orchestras and piano perfomances, though i've never been to an official one, sadly. I wish someday I could listen to em, maybe a "Distant World Orchestra" perfomance? or maybe orchestra thrown by VGO orchestral team, though I highly doubt that they will come to Malaysia.. -.-
of course, other instruments are amazing too. bass, drums, flute and saxophone are my favourites too. basically everything sedap lah senang cerita.


i really like to listen to  them. lots lots lots lots lots lots lots.

ending this post with a electric guitar ; medley of final fantasy 8 tracks by BKMJMBOXさん
his nimble, skillful fingers... はああああああ。。。。。。

it's a long good 10 minutes video, but worth the watch. his skills.. i cant even decipher ==

okok back to study

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