Wednesday, 7 November 2012


It's been ages since I've updated this blog. Few reasons accounted to that, but one of them are the typical reason you and I always heard : lazy. and maybe abit hectic here and there. Will be spamming few random posts, please excuse that eheh.

Alot of things had happened during this uh, 6 months hiatus from blog. Too many, I cant even remember them all already. I've learnt quite a number of lessons throughout these months, either first-hand or observed one. Damages and damaged were done here and there, but I think all the faults and mistakes we made will make us a better person, insyaAllah. Everything exists for a reason. I'm still learning, still learning to be a better person. Friends, please don't get tired of me and give up on me. Let's remind and repair each other to search for Him, un? Jangan masuk syurga sorang sorang ;__;


"It's okay to fall, everyone have their ups and downs, and insyaAllah the fall will bring us to rise again. But if it takes you a long period of time to rise, self reflect and ponder what have you done, what inhibits you from rising again." - Kak Diba

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