Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Distant World Orchestra

i LOVE listening to orchestras and piano perfomances, though i've never been to an official one, sadly. I wish someday I could listen to em, maybe a "Distant World Orchestra" perfomance? or maybe orchestra thrown by VGO orchestral team, though I highly doubt that they will come to Malaysia.. -.-

lines above are copy pasted from "piano and violin" post

guess whaaaaaaat

turns out that Distant World Orchestra DO COME to Malaysia! They'll come on 16th November. Ya Allah thank you thank you thank you :')

I'm irrevocably happy to be honest.

But I'm slightly scared that things will turn downhill, because I'm being way too expectant. 

Doakan everything goes well for me and tak ada aral melintang? ;__:

I do have been waiting for this since I was 10 years old.. It's like a dream I never thought possible to come true.

harap semua dipermudahkan ;__;

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