Monday, 7 October 2013

moment of weakness part III

I asked myself this question 2 years ago.

I found an additional answer.

Please continue taking care of me, like you always do. With your subtle questions. With your reassuring smile. With your words of wisdom. With your constant reminder. With your effort to try, despite how busy you are.

No matter how hard I fail.

I'm sure, you're one person who'll leave a prominent footprints in my life.

How blessed am I to found a person like you.

One day, we'll both separate, walk our own path and perhaps will never meet each other again.

That day will definitely come.

But I hope we'll get reunited again, insyaAllah. Happily. Laughing with each other. Able to reminiscence back of our memories fondly.

Meanwhile, please do keep take care of me. Please continue on guiding me. Reminding me. While we last.

36:56. Even the thought of it are able to make me smile gleefully. Making my heart feel like bursting with joy and warmth.

ya Allah, thank you for sending her to my life. :')

because this world doesn't last forever

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