Wednesday, 2 October 2013

of gentle breeze, low immunity and cherry trees.

today was a beautiful day.

went to the lake, able to again, appreciate the nature. something i took for granted for ages. able to appreciate the intricate branches of cherry trees. able to feel the gentle breeze caressing my face. able to see the lake. able to see the hues of sky turning red as dusk approaches. able to hear different opinion, different thoughts, for the same goal, Allah.

hadis 38. surah Yunus. surah al-Kauthar. surah Yasin.

banyak sangat reminder in one single day.

"Allah dah bagi kita banyak nikmat, what can we sacrifice for the sake of Allah?"

"Ujian tu datang sebab Allah care pasal kita. supaya kita patah balik kat Dia."


"Mohon diberi kekuatan untuk tsabat, istiqamah"

"I wish means I'm ok with not having it. Change it to I want."

i feel really really blessed. to be surrounded by such caring people who never fails to remind me of Allah. again, again and again. :')

"Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?" - surah Al-Rahman(55:16)

the first step is the hardest. but you will never achieve anything if you never get out from your comfort zone. change.

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