Wednesday, 28 December 2011

reading for the sake of

Since i was a kid, my parents had always nurtured the need to read and bask in knowledge.
even in kindergarden(sp?) they started to feed me with useful reading materials, like story books, kisah-kisah nabi, and mini encyclopedia. hmm it's not really mini i think, it's like a set of informative books designed specially for kids.
this kind of book :3

 the set are divided into alot of genre like.. mechanics and gadgets (pumps, how dam works, dynamo, how can an aeroplane flies, how water system in house works, how camera take pictures, formation of mirage and others)
animals (speed of different animals ; who's the fastest and slowest, how porcupine protect themselves, specialty of tiger's traits, defense mechanism of cicak XDd and others)
organs! (our pupil will dilate/constrict in response to light, white crescent shaped moon exist in your nail indicates that you're healthy, importance of sleep for regulation of body, how digestive works ; spicy food does get digested faster, keratinisation of skin, formation of mole, melanin, albino, etc etc.)
and also nursery rhymes. ^o^

the books were drawn with helpful colourful diagrams, and were told in simple words that it'll attract little kids to read em. masa umur 5~7 tahun memang la keje menconteng buku tu dengan pensil warna je, bila dah besar sikit baru boleh proses dan baca info dalam buku-buku tu. memang menarik (:

now that i'm learning parts of body here and there, i cant help but to remember the small tidbits i've learned back when i was a kid, thanks to the books that my parents provided. for example, when all of us are learning about eye, the fact that i know our pupil dilate and constrict in order to regulate the intake of light inside of our eyeball since i was 9 years old made me feel very.. reminiscent and giddy. happy and shocked that what i've learnt back in my childhood popped up again in my university life. and it sparked a thought in me.

during my childhood, i used to be so excited reading everything related to life, devouring every knowledge that i could. until now, i can still remember how the diagrams look in those old books.

but now.. aiyo ==

honestly, i miss that feeling of wanting more and more of knowledge, absorbing everything without feeling burdened and stressed. having no worries about upcoming exam, what will life throw towards you.

hopefully one day i can regain and relive that blissful feeling. studying not for the sake of passing, but for the sake of the knowledge itself.

so one day hopefully when I have my own children (eh eh kau ni tak habis study lagi nak cher pasal anak sendri pulakk)

I'll buy em books, just like what my parents did. kids learn fast, and easily. they have superb memory and ability to remember. the things you've learnt back in your childhood is one of the most vivid memory you could have :)

thank you mom and dad for being such an awesome parents mwah mwah :* Alhamdulillah, thank you ya Allah for giving me such parents. I'm grateful to be your daughter.

and did I told you two that you guys are awesome? No? Then I'm telling it again that you guys are made up of pure awesomeness. hehe. and my siblings too of course. hihi abangkakngahafizaidin <3 <3

when I get back to Malaysia I am soooo gonna take a look at those books again hehe!

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