Wednesday, 21 December 2011


today is my pick a random number day /o/

this morning my group did a lucky draw for those who are gonna present and elaborate subtopics in CNS, and I got number 4. It's my favourite number since I was a kid :3

then at the night the whole USM-KLE students had adjourned a meeting related to sports. the system was similar with the system back in high school. and again after a random draw, I got myself a place in the BLUE TEAM WOOHOO. Light blue pulak tu. I LOVELOVELOVE light blue in colour buehehe. Plus the team's name is ARCTIC. Its related to Ice, the elements I liked the most between the five core elements /o/

and lastly my name was listed as the number 25th on the checklist of the random draw. anotherrrr favourite numbah.

random information is random but i am so going to remember this day XD

p/s: Nurul Nadia's 19th birthday today. happy birthday to you miladyyyyyyy moga panjang umur dimurahkan rezeki oleh Allah. blessed to meet YOU PEOPLEZ. hopefully our friendship lasts until Jannah. :) <3 <3 <3 /hughughug

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