Friday, 30 December 2011

”またね”って言葉の儚さ 叶わない約束

Flumpool - 「証」
Flumpool - Certificate

Face forward, if you ever look back, you’ll stagger
Finally, I managed to wave my hands to you who are fading in the distance

If I call out, I might hold you back. So, in my heart, I whisper
“I’ll be heading towards my dream, and you are going to realize yours”

Only after I lost it, that I realize the warmth that I took for granted
Living through loneliness, I hold on the courage to start on my own path

Before the overflowing tears obstructing you from view
At least, I’ll say “See you again someday” with a smile
When we hurt each other, for countless time we forgive one another
Won’t that be our irreplaceable proof

Even if people critic you of being willful, just keep wishing
That voice will surely reach, if you’re being yourself

If I ever have my dream crushed and given up
Please do scold me from afar, just like those times

At the other end of where you’re pointing, there surely is hope
no one is going to decide it for you
when you’re suffering inside, if you come to question the meaning of life
gently remember of ourselves on that day

“see you again” is a vain word, an empty promise
no matter how many times we exchange it, I’ll never get used to it
nevertheless, in the notebook in which fragments of the past sprawl over
there’s not even a single page with you absent in it

By the time I’ve wiped the tears away, you were already gone
“Thanks” was the word I could think of
again and again we hurt each other and laugh together
this bond will be locked inside my heart, I’ll be setting off too
This song struck me deep. Somehow I can relate it with my high school life. Now everyone is grown up and walking down their own path. No matter how many times we utter the word "I miss you" to each other, it just wont be the same between us anymore. It wont be.

But I believe every encounter is destined, and mould us the way we are right now. Thank you for the bittersweet memories :')

to ; SA,SL,SM, and AA.

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  1. とってもすてきなうただ.. (;_;) (泣く)
    omg i love the lyrics soooo much