Wednesday, 14 December 2011

words of encouragement

「The first few steps are always the hardest one.」- Sarah Denssen

Like.. when we're doing something, the head start is always the hardest part. But when we've already took the first few steps, along the way we'll get used to the pace and able to cope up with the rest of the journey.

Example : Jogging. It's always hard for us to get our lazy ass off the chair, go out and work our bodies out but, once we've already gone out and jog, it's not that hard to lift your feet and jog for a few rounds right? :3
And soon, you'll get used to the routine and it'll be a hard routine to break once you've gotten used to jogging.
Same goes for studying too, at first it's hard to get the right schedule and pace, but once you've found it and got used to your style of studying, things will get better and you'll feel happy and content to devour more informations from your lecture slides and books :B

「It's okay to feel lost in the first three months of medical school. It's normal.」
Stumbled across this phrase when I was searching for medical school tips, and I think this particular phrase had boosted my spirit alot ; and they make sense too.
I remembered back then, in the first Demo and Discussion class, where the lecturers introduced us to the different parts of the bones, the elevations, depressions, notches and others.
Everyone was writing the meaning of tubercles, notch, crest, and other terms diligently, but finding it hard to understand and comprehend the meaning. But as time passes, everyone got used to the terms and are able to understand the terms w/o referring to any books or slides. See the relation? I think this goes for other blocks too. At first we'll be overwhelmed by the new parts, terms, functions and mechanism of everything, but we'll get used to it because the infos will keep being drilled in our head.

There are few more encouraging and spirit-boosting phrases but it disappeared and vanished as I type =="..
Will post more if my brain somehow recollects them back teehee.

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