Monday, 9 January 2012


it's been a few months since i've ever played badminton. i really, really am missing the sensation of playing this sport so much, the sound of the shuttlecock as it got hit by the strings of the center the racquet, the squeaky sound that the shoes produce when it comes to contact with the floor, the swooshing sound that the shuttlecock made as it slice the air...
ye, dramatik sekejap. tak salah kan heehee :B

have no time to post my racquets back in home, so I bought myself one here. 

TA-DAH. Blue in colour racquet. Finally a blue racquet for me heh heh. <3

Hopefully things will turn out good and I can play at least decently, and wont be a burden to anyone else. :I

I'll try my best to do so ;__;



Random pointless info is pointless and random ; ARCTIC = ICE = 氷= 氷帝 (ひょてい)
BLUE = AO = 青= 青がく (せいがく)

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