Monday, 9 January 2012

pleasureable pain

Good morning world!

played badminton this morning. 45 minutes. ONLY. sebab tempes nak main badminton jugak. takpelah. at least dapat merasa. sumpah rindu main badminton :)
sini unexpectedly dewan badminton dia kecik. as in sangat kecik. ada 2 court je, and the distance between the two courts are minimized and short. bleh ;^;
I think it's been uh.. six months since I've last played badminton. as expected my skill had deteriorated steeply hahaha. habis la macam ini T___T

I hope I can play badminton again someday, in Malaysia. though I think it would take a long time to do that.

rubbing salt to the wound

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