Saturday, 14 January 2012


I believe, every encounter and separation is already destined.
I did not regret knowing everyone I've met in my life. Because thanks to them, they mould me the way I am.
Every single conversations and actions counts, whether it's good or a bad one. Whether it's only watching people interact or each other, or participating in the action itself, I try to reflect on myself, to put myself in other people's shoes. Eventhough at times, the self reflect came late, and the damage is already been done.

By saying it's already destined, I try not to regret what had happened. Doesn't mean that I won't do anything and leave it all to fate, but I'll.. do whatever I can.

For example, ( a weird one tho ) you accidentally broke your favourite mug. Or ornaments, or anything you treasure. You saw it happening, falling on the flat ground surface, but you aren't able to stop the fall. It broke and got smashed to tiny pieces. No matter how much you regret.. there's nothing you could do about it. We can never turn back time. Same goes for everything in our life. What's done is done.

I am thankful for being able to meet everyone. I believe nothing last forever, your age increases, your youth fades away, even memories that you tried to hold on tight will eventually vanish slowly, leaving remnants and pieces as you grow older because your brain are not able to retain the memories anymore. Why? Because we are only human. We have our limits, no matter how hard we tried, how much researched about lengthening our age. Just, no. There's nothing we can do about it, except hope for the best, for each of us.

So don't fret. It's okay. Because we're destined to end up this way.

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